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The Leadership Podcast by Niels Brabandt / NB Networks

Apr 25, 2023

Finding and hiring the best talent is more challenging than it has ever been before. How can your organisation offer a modern approach to recruiting? Which best practices must be implemented? Which errors should be avoided?

Niels Brabandt discusses the issue in this week's podcast.

Your host: Niels Brabandt /

Apr 18, 2023

Ernst & Young faces severe criticism and lawsuits worth billions. However, the consultancy company is not the only one that receives a negative perception in the public eye. KPMG, Bain & Company, McKinsey, the list is long, and the accusations are severe. Which role do leaders play in this scenario, and how can you...

Apr 11, 2023

The Deutsche Bahn, Germany's largest train company, is a globally acting enterprise. It was known for quality, punctuality and customer satisfaction. Today, the corporation faces its most severe crisis. Which errors happened? How can your organisation do better? Which aspect can we learn from the past?

Niels Brabandt...

Apr 4, 2023

Errors, mistakes, and faults will happen. How to deal with them? When do you need to sanction people, and when (or how often) is it appropriate to practice leniency?

Niels Brabandt discusses the issue in this week's episode.

Your host: Niels Brabandt /