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The Leadership Podcast by Niels Brabandt / NB Networks

Feb 23, 2022

May you say a few words? When leaders talk, they often speak a lot but say nothing. People became so used to this style of communication that they do not pay attention at all. How can you improve your communication skills and make precise statements?

Niels Brabandt discusses the issues in this episode.

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Feb 16, 2022

Motivation and inspiration are often over-used terms that often end with an unsubstantiated one-liner. Do organisations need motivation and inspiration? Is there any scientific evidence available? Niels Brabandt discusses these aspects in this episode.

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Feb 9, 2022

An excellent sales team is a must-have in any organisation. However, reality often shows a vastly different picture. A lack of proactivity to close deals, generate revenue and profit while at the same time, teams are focused on administrative tasks. In today's markets, you need to adapt quickly.

Niels Brabandt offers...

Feb 2, 2022

Projects became part of our daily business. However, delivering them on time, on track, on target but under budget is a rare occasion. How can your organisation meet the goals that you set for your projects?

Niels Brabandt offers insights and solutions.

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