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The Leadership Podcast by Niels Brabandt / NB Networks

Jun 29, 2021

Case numbers in respect to mental health and as high as they never were before. The damage to society and organisations is severe. How can your organisation do better? What do reliable scientific numbers say? How can you create a sustainable leadership approach? Niels Brabandt discusses a complex issue in...

Jun 28, 2021

Transforming organisations is challenging. Which aspects should be prioritised? Which are the most important ones? How do we get our plans implemented? Complex issues in complicated situations demand expert solutions. Léocadie Ebakissé shares her expertise in this interview with Niels Brabandt.

Your guest: Léocadie...

Jun 22, 2021

Should you be part of the new trend? Is it a megatrend or just a temporary hype? Where does your organisation position itself economically, socially, ethically, morally? Niels Brabandt offers ideas and solutions.

Your host: Niels Brabandt /

Jun 21, 2021

A crisis is a part of running a business. No matter how hard you try, sooner or later your markets will change against your will. But how to deal with it? How is it possible that some entrepreneurs successfully adapt to any crisis very well while others go out of business instantly? Alan Berg made it through numerous...

Jun 15, 2021

Talking about progress became a well-known part of Corporate events. Still, implementing and acting on the ideas often takes too long if it happens at all. How can you set up your organisation with an institutionalised approach to progressive thinking and acting? Niels Brabandt discusses the issue in this...