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The Leadership Podcast by Niels Brabandt / NB Networks

May 28, 2024

A breach of trust always means a moment of truth for leaders. How do you make the best decision now? Which aspects do you have to consider? How will the decision affect your team?

Niels Brabandt discusses the issue in this week's episode.

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May 21, 2024

Your offer towards the best talent on the market quickly can be seen as exchangeable. The competition is harder than it ever was before. Storytelling has a significant impact on how applicants perceive your Employer Branding. How can you take the best position in this challenging market?

Niels Brabandt discusses the...

May 14, 2024

The probationary period is crucial for talent acquisition, management and development. How can your organisation deliver the best experience possible?

Niels Brabandt discusses the issue in this week's podcast.

May 7, 2024

The concept of Quiet Quitting became well-known during the last few years. However, the approach of Quiet Hiring is still not used often enough. How can you get access to more talent while, at the same time, you can build on existing knowledge and experience?

Niels Brabandt discusses the approach in this...